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Life, Death and Meaning (10 week course)

Wednesday August 9, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (W. Australia Standard Time)
4 Sherwood Court, Perth 6000 Get Directions
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This event has ended.

Philosophy course with Lubica Ucník of the School of Critical Arts

Given that modern thought has renounced the privileged position of God, and/or the Cosmos, as the explanatory horizon within which we make sense of our lives, Science seems to be the only criterion of our reality. Wonder and awe-inspiring nature becomes a collection of things that modern science can explain within its mathematical-scientific formula. In our technologically globalised world, the ancient question of the meaning of life becomes meaningless. Transcendence no longer conditions our lives. Rather, we are concerned with our finite individual projects, channelling our energies towards a greater accumulation of material possessions that are the only measure of our success in life. In this unit, we will attempt to think over the ancient question of the meaning of life. Is it possible to think about “the meaning of life” in our modern techno-scientific world?

10-week philosophy course with Ľubica Učník of the School of Critical Arts

Wednesday Evenings, 6.30pm - 8.30pm in the Salon at Lawson Flats

Starting Wednesday 9th August till Wednesday 11th October


Members: $250 for the course

Non-members: $500 for the course 

Life, Death and Meaning (10 week course)
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